Pouches pack in a lot of benefits for packagers, consumers, and retailers alike. Not only are they taking up less prized shelf space, but they also have a slew of other benefits. Pouches deliver barrier properties to keep the product inside safe from odors, and vapors and can be equipped with a tight seal. What’s more is that the availability of dark colors enables the packaging to be opaque, reducing exposure to light. In addition to ensuring product freshness, a great package should communicate what the product is, how to use it, be tamper-evident, and when necessary, be childproof. Pouches offer this. The ability to add sliding zippers, resealable and press to close zippers or simple tear-notches offers cost-effective flexibility that sets pouches apart.


  • Keep the product fresh
  •  Dry environment
  •  Airtight closure
  •  Protection from humidity and light
  •  Large print surface for information and marketing
  •  Customizability
  •  Packaged in temperature and humidity controlled clean room


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