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PharmaCenter is available to package a wide variety of solid dosage forms into gusseted bags. This type of packaging is also referred to as the stand-up pouch, which is one of the most popular and widely used packaging styles in the industry. All gusseted bag packaging is done within a temperature and humidity-controlled, class 100,000 cleanroom. 

We understand that brand awareness is important, which is why we also offer kitting and assembly services. Our team is available to pack products into secondary packagings, such as point-of-purchase displays, bags, or multi-count cartons. We’re happy to work with your existing packaging or help you source the right packaging for your product(s). 



  • Packaged within a self-contained humidity and temperature-controlled class 100,000 clean room.
  • 100% inspection 


  • Matte and Glossy finished, with or without window
  • Compliance for direct contact with food under FDA 21 CFR 177.1350


  • Printing of lot and EXP capability
  • Any sizing can be made to fit your needs
  • Peg hole / sombrero option available
  • Tear notch option available
  • Zipper option available
  • Secondary packaging option available 

Download our bulk catalog HERE for private labeling